Dust Collection

Powder Systems engineer solutions to provide Dust Collectors for each and every dust control requirement. As no two applications are the same, the Donaldson family of Dust Collectors has different models and sizes to suit the various situations.  Donaldson doesn’t do lightweight galvanized tin boxes; they design and manufacture heavy duty equipment to last the distance and comply with the relevant regulations.

With many dusts being deemed combustible, our systems comply with all the safety regulations around the world, including New Zealand’s standards AS/NZ4745:2004 “Handling of combustible dusts” and BS/EN 14491:2012 “Dust explosion venting protective systems”. The majority of our systems are installed in ATEX zoned areas and are fitted with explosion venting systems and IECEX or ATEX rated electrical devices.

With climate change being high on everybody’s agenda, we can offer you dust collectors that are energy efficient and require 40% fewer cartridges compared to typical cartridge dust collectors. 

Also, technology breakthroughs in filter cleaning and cartridge media mean that only a fraction of the compressed air used in older style equipment is now required.

Replacement parts and filters

See us for all your replacement parts and filter needs.


Downflo® Evolution Dust Collectors

The breakthrough performance of the Downflo® Evolution (DFE) family of cartridge dust collectors is the result of Donaldson Torit’s relentless drive to improve its products and exceed customer expectations. Donaldson Torit put decades of industry experience to work to produce a new, best-in-class dust collector capable of reducing equipment size and number of required filters by up to 40% compared to a typical cartridge collector.

A smaller collector helps lower the initial purchase price, reduces filter replacement costs, and opens up valuable manufacturing floor space.

This state of the art collector, coupled with Donaldson’s industry-leading Ultra-Web® nanofiber filtration technology, delivers a significantly smaller equipment footprint with up to 40% fewer filters required, reducing maintenance time and overall cost of operation.

Breakthrough Filter Cleaning

The DFE provides breakthrough cleaning performance resulting in improved filtration capacity without sacrificing filter life or taxing compressed air consumption.

The MaxPulse™ Cleaning System delivers 27% more cleaning energy to filtration media. This minimizes energy losses by focusing on the cleaning air’s exact path and delivers uniform cleaning energy to all effective filtration media. 

Our proprietary, pulse-shaping design distributes the cleaning energy evenly to match the unique shape of the filter.

More effective cleaning of the filtration media results in increased airflow capacities through Donaldson Torit dust collection equipment.

  • Revolutionary Airflow Management Directs incoming air to an intelligent dropout zone for reduced filter loading
  • Breakthrough Filter Cleaning MaxPulse™ Cleaning System delivers 27% more cleaning energy to filtration media
    Industry-Leading Filtration Design

Positions more filtration media in beneficial locations and ensures easy, leak-free installation with Ultra-Web media as standard

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