Magnet Testing

Magnets have an important part to play in reducing the risk of foreign metal contamination. To ensure food safety, magnets must be tested regularly as certain factors affect their efficiency, including thermal shock, over temperature, excessive vibration and wear.


Magnet strength is an important factor for fragment control, but other factors include: installation, product coverage area, pole bands, fragment retention and correct magnet suitability.

Our trained technicians are able to provide full onsite testing complete with validation documentation for HACCP, QA audits and other industry requirements.

Why Test?

  • Reduce the risk of costly product recalls
  • Understand the effectiveness of your onsite magnets
  • Ensure sensitive processing equipment is protected
  • Comply with industry standards
  • Provide documentation for QA records.

Book a Validation

    Magnets should be tested yearly in accordance with a HACCP International program and the current 0909MAGSEP 1-2010 Food Safety Standard.

    This will ensure they are within specification and effective to critical food safety controls, and any identified causes of demagnetization, damage, or ineffectiveness is flagged and appropriate corrective measures are taken.