Bulk Bag Filling

PSS NZ can offer a cost-effective range of Bulk Bag Fillers and associated equipment to make filling bulk bags safer, easier and more controllable.

Basic Bulk Bag Fillers are competitively priced and the ideal solution for users with low to medium volume requirements. While initial needs can be satisfied by the basic unit, the modular design enables throughput to be increased in future as it becomes necessary. Additional operational features are available to meet particular system requirements.

Main Features

  • Dust Containment
  • NTEP Certified Load Cells & Controllers
  • Bag Removal by Pallet Truck, Fork Lift or Conveyor
  • Low Headroom Requirement
  • Available for IBC’s or Boxes / Octabins
  • Semi-automated Filling

Higher specification Bulk Bag Fillers are also available. These incorporate a table densification system to compact the material in the bag, which increases both the bag stability and the filling throughput. This style of Bulk Bag Filler can be supplied to suit a range of bag types and should be considered when any of the Key Benefits listed below are required.

Main Features

  • High Weighing Accuracy
  • Greater Densification
  • Improved Bag Stability
  • Better Bag Stacking
  • High-speed Bagging