With years of process knowledge behind us we have the ability to design and integrate sanitary magnets into new or existing systems.

With the many and varied types of powdered and granular products being processed it is important that the correct solution is selected to ensure you have the best chance of removing foreign metal from production lines. In association with Magnattack Global, we are able to supply a large range of sanitary magnets to minimize your risk of machine damage or having to recall product.  Their HACCP endorsed, food/dairy grade, quick cleaning designs and 10,000 – 11,000 gauss rating (RE80™ design) will give you peace of mind and assurance that both your plant and product are protected. 

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Magnet Mats

Magnattack™ Global has developed a unique magnetic floor mat system to reduce the risk of ferrous contamination entering sensitive processing and workshop areas via foot traffic. The Mag-Stride™ Magnetic Mat is an effective control that will satisfy your auditors, managers, and customers.

The Mag-Stride™ Magnetic Mat is most commonly installed at the entry and exit of factories, workshops, maintenance and work areas.


  • Hygienic and long wearing top mat – treated with a special formula to maximize mat life
  • Durable polyurethane ramp surrounds the assembly to prevent a trip hazard
  • Overall size: 30.3″ x 38.2″ (770mm x 970mm)
  • Weight: 71lb (32kg).


  • Effectively capture and retain ferrous contaminants, such as magnetic shavings, metal chips, fine wear iron, rust, magnetic stone and other magnetic swarf
  • Enhance and improve food safety controls
  • Provides an excellent indication and monitor for unwanted workshop metal content
  • Excellent addition to Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean with the optional Magnattack™ Magnetic Mat Roller
  • Low maintenance.

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  • Effectively captures and retains ferrous contaminants
  • Enhances and improves food safety controls
  • Provides an excellent indication and monitor for unwanted workshop metal content
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance


The Magnattack™ Automatic Self-Cleaning Mag-Ram™ Magnetic Separator has been a breakthrough in food industry magnetics by enabling rapid, hygienic, and efficient cleaning of a grate magnet without the need to stop the process!

This automatic cleaning grate magnet reduces risk to final product security with the effective extraction of magnetic foreign body contamination such as tramp metal, work-hardened stainless steel, stone, and fine metal fragments.


  • The Mag-Ram™ can be cleaned before, during, and after production runs
  • Each magnet is the ram of a pneumatic cylinder. This means no ‘walking’ or ‘jamming’ when attempting to clean multiple bars simultaneously, as is the case with conventional designs attempting to coordinate two air cylinders to pull a bank of magnet bars through a common wiper. The conventional cleaning method has always been troublesome and made it difficult to achieve success. The Mag-Ram™ design, however, permits the use of tight wiper seals, which ensures the greatest versatility of control and achieves highly efficient magnet cleaning
  • The Mag-Ram™ is also extremely hygienic, due to the absence of stainless-steel sleeves that inherently build up with unclean residual product.


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  • Easy collection of metal extractions for analysis
  • Maximum product stream coverage for optimum separation and cleaning efficiency
  • Minimal material build-up and blockage
  • Low, economical, and simple maintenance
  • Zero downtime
  • Safe
  • Sanitary

Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnet

The Magnattack™ RE80™HT Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separator is engineered to efficiently extract magnetic fragments (including work-hardened stainless steel) from liquid food lines such as soups, chocolate, sauces, dairy products and so on.

The system features a single or double set of powerful RE80™HT +11,000 Gauss magnet elements, which intercept the flow of product and securely retain foreign metal contaminants. The Liquid Pressure Pipeline Magnet can be used for both protection of critical processing equipment and final product security.


  • Efficient separation of magnetic contaminants without leaks, blockage, or distortion
  • The safe, efficient and hygienic design combines maximum product to magnet contact with minimal resistance to flow
  • The magnet elements are easily removed for convenient cleaning.

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  • Protection from damage of expensive plant equipment such as pumps, homogenisers and extruders
  • Increased product purity and food safety
  • Reduced risk of contamination in final product, product recall and brand name damage
  • For temperatures up to 302°F / 150°C
  • Magnets perform at maximum strength in high-temperature liquid and CIP application
  • Jacketed designs for heated product lines, such as chocolate

Powder Transfer Magnet

The Magnattack™ Powder Transfer Magnet is a highly sanitary USDA Dairy Accepted magnetic separator engineered specifically for sensitive powder transfer lines, such as in dairy and pharmaceutical plants.

The Powder Transfer Magnet incorporates key design features of the Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet, providing highly efficient separation of metal fragment contamination without experiencing bulk density or blockage problems.

The magnetic separator features high-intensity RE80™ +11,000 gauss Acutex™️ Probe Magnets configured to remove weakly magnetic contamination, work-hardened stainless steel fragments and stone, thus greatly increasing food safety control and product purity.

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  • Designed for sensitive dairy and powder applications, such as pharmaceutical powders and infant formulas, but also successful in highly abrasive applications such as sugar
  • Similar designs available for liquid and emulsion applications
  • Powders of up to 0.6″ (16mm) particulates

Probe Magnets

Magnattack™ Global manufactures a range of high-intensity Magnetic Probe Separators that are ideal for control of suppliers’ incoming ingredients supply. Magnetic Probes are perfect for use as Indicator Magnets and determining/identifying the presence of metal contamination in food products.

These Probe Magnets are available as single units or as part of complete magnetic separation systems.

Kits are also available for quick and easy probe installs into pipelines.

Available in 25mm, 35mm, 51mm, and 63mm diameters.


  • The cylindrical design has a better combing action and retention of magnetics than plate magnets
  • The magnet assembly is seal-welded and vacuum encapsulated for extended magnet strength life
  • Units are available with most variations of fittings, including BSM, RJT, Tri-clamp and BSP
  • Probe separators are suitable for use on both liquid and dry products.

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  • Suited for all products – liquid and dry
  • Common use in pipelines, chutes, ducting and a wide variety of other installs

Rapid Clean

Magnattack™ Global RE80® Rapidclean® Grate Magnets provide superior magnetic separation in dry food product lines such as flour, sugar, grain and similar ingredients.

This grate-magnet-in-housing system is designed to overcome disadvantages exhibited by existing conventional grate magnet technology in the food industry, including stainless-steel magnet sleeves, safety issues and cleaning difficulties. The Rapidclean® magnet stands out from other grate magnet designs due to its sanitary dust-tight housing and a cleaning operation that is performed wholly outside of the product stream, reducing re-contamination risks.

The Rapidclean® system uses a combination of various bar diameters, door designs and sizes to suit many variables. Units can be custom-made to suit your individual application.


  • Self-supporting and lightweight design with low maintenance requirements
  • High-intensity RE80® and RE80®HT magnet elements certified to +11,000 Gauss
  • Open-ended magnetic bars and optionally adjustable bar centres
  • Maximum product-to-magnet coverage resulting in superior separation efficiency
  • Captive drawer design and hygienic ledge-free interior housings to prevent build-up and contamination
  • Single bar cleaning ensures no risk of drawer jamming
  • Ability to fully inspect magnet bars before they are returned to the product flow
  • Dura-Slik® Abrasion-Reduction Technology to reduce wear in harsh applications
  • Able to withstand cleaning temperatures of up to 150°C/302°F
  • Rapidclean® quick-release magnetic door closure prevents high leakage of powder and product when opened for cleaning
  • The Rapidclean® Cleaning Tool & Tray assist with safe cleaning of magnet bars and collection of magnetic contamination fragments.

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  • Safe removal of metal contamination, including work-hardened stainless-steel and stone
  • Maintaining product purity and preventing damage to downstream processing equipment

Spherical Magnets

The aerodynamically-designed Magnattack® Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet provides a unique solution to the often difficult task of separating metal fragments from high-velocity pneumatic transfers.

The Spherical Magnetic Separator was extensively inspected by the Centre for Bulk Solids, a world-renowned bulk solids consultation and trial facility. Results showed the Magnetic Separator had little or no impact on product bulk density.

The high gauss magnet reduces risk to final product security by effectively retaining metal fragments against high-velocity flows. The particle sizes that can be retained range from large slivers down to very fine rust and magnetic dust.


  • Effective separation of foreign metal contamination in high-velocity powder applications without experiencing bulk density changes and pressure loss
  • RE80® Magnet Technology with 11,000 – 12,000 Gauss strength
  • Optimum product stream coverage, enabling highly efficient separation of weak to highly magnetic fragments
  • Aerodynamic design prevents blockage of product and minimizes product particle breakdown. Internals of housing are self-cleaning due to the aerodynamic design with no internal ledges
  • Dura-Slik® Abrasion Reduction Technology
  • Reduced risk of re-contamination due to the engineered spherical shape of the magnet. Captured material tends to accumulate in the low-velocity region behind or around the back of the Sphere, increasing the capability of the magnet to retain metal fragments and minimising cleaning frequency.

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  • Provides a very useful indication and protection against incoming metal contamination